5 Apps to Help You Memorize Scripture

Scripture memorization is one of the strongest weapons we have as Christians, and unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected.  Take a look at the armor of God: every piece of armor has to do with defending or protecting, except one: The Sword of the Spirit–the Word of God. This weapon is our only offensive weapon which is…… Continue reading 5 Apps to Help You Memorize Scripture


Documenting God’s Activity In Your Life

The mid-summer sun shone on my propped up feet as I sat on my front porch enjoying some much needed down time. I was snuggled into a chair, hysterically laughing and crying (and probably terrifying my neighbors) as I skimmed through the pages of my 6th -12th grade journal. GOOD. NIGHT. If you’re ever seeking…… Continue reading Documenting God’s Activity In Your Life


5 Apps to Help You Get in the Word (FOR WOMEN!)

At the beginning of the year, many people set their hearts on habits they want to pick up for the New Year. Some of those include getting a gym membership, eating healthier, watching less TV, or for some, reading the Bible more. As we all know, by the time March comes around, we’re either amazed with our…… Continue reading 5 Apps to Help You Get in the Word (FOR WOMEN!)


7 Hacks To Help You Remember to Pray

Prayer is one of the richest blessings a Christian has. To be able to have open companionship and communication with the Creator of the Universe is a priceless gift that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. Yet, even with that knowledge, I tend to leave that precious blessing unwrapped and untouched for days…… Continue reading 7 Hacks To Help You Remember to Pray


When Defeat Has You Beat

Do you ever find yourself wrapped up in tightly wound webs of discouragement? Lost in the crowd of a thousand thoughts whispering: “You’re never going to figure this out…” “Things are never going to get better…” “You’re going to stay in this place forever…” “You’re never going to be good enough…” Defeat is an overwhelming…… Continue reading When Defeat Has You Beat

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Abandoning Our Agendas For His

//Hands gripped tightly, knuckles white, To these dreams, these plans I hold so tight. I’ve laid it all out, My blueprint–perfected, I’ve determined my days, No room for interceptions. Some call it a rut, But I call it “prepared”. I like to know the ropes, Before I even get there. But sometimes I wonder, Do…… Continue reading Abandoning Our Agendas For His


When Their Success Threatens Yours

You’ve wanted this. This dream, this job, this opportunity, gig, book deal, acceptance letter, position– whatever it is, you’ve dreamed of it. You’ve prayed for it, written your name on it, and have awaited that blessed day when it would finally be yours. “Someday…”, you keep telling yourself. And then it happens. Just… not to you.…… Continue reading When Their Success Threatens Yours


Fighting the Real Enemy [[when we want to fight each other]]

Our world is a mess right now. It’s always been a mess, but for some reason, it feels like a really big mess. Racial Tension. Terrorism. Politics gone mad. Dehumanization is growing with every passing day. It’s all his fault, it’s all her fault and it’s all their fault. We’re up in arms with swords to…… Continue reading Fighting the Real Enemy [[when we want to fight each other]]