When Defeat Has You Beat

Do you ever find yourself wrapped up in tightly wound webs of discouragement? Lost in the crowd of a thousand thoughts whispering: “You’re never going to figure this out…” “Things are never going to get better…” “You’re going to stay in this place forever…” “You’re never going to be good enough…” Defeat is an overwhelming…… Continue reading When Defeat Has You Beat

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Abandoning Our Agendas For His

//Hands gripped tightly, knuckles white, To these dreams, these plans I hold so tight. I’ve laid it all out, My blueprint–perfected, I’ve determined my days, No room for interceptions. Some call it a rut, But I call it “prepared”. I like to know the ropes, Before I even get there. But sometimes I wonder, Do…… Continue reading Abandoning Our Agendas For His