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Wifery Tales #3: Uniquely Garrison

  Today is a special day. It’s Lance and I’s first anniversary- We survived our first year of marriage! Whoop whoop! It’s been full of adventure, full of both joy and hard, change, more change, major decisions and more weird then I EVER thought possible. (Ever.) In a world of filtered social media pictures and…… Continue reading Wifery Tales #3: Uniquely Garrison


Dear Generations of Women Before Us

We need you. I need you. I know that we can be annoying with our face in our phones 3/4 of the time. I know that you probably chuckle and grin inside when we talk about the struggles of growing up- (“They haven’t seen nothin’ yet!”) And sometimes we struggle to make a good conversation with you– But we need you.…… Continue reading Dear Generations of Women Before Us