When You Feel Like Your Testimony Isn’t Powerful

I don’t have a good testimony… Nothing really ‘crazy’ has happened in my life… My story is basic and boring… Have you ever found yourself saying these things? Well, if so—you’re in good company. When asked to share my testimony, I used to kindly decline, resort to one of the above phrases and recommend they choose…… Continue reading When You Feel Like Your Testimony Isn’t Powerful


Believing The Lie of “I’m Just…”

My face twisted in confusion as I slid down in my seat. The woman-stranger on the other end of the phone just chewed my butt out for “the way” I described my job title: “Oh, I’m just the receptionist.” She raised her voice at me and started ranting, “What do you mean, ‘You’re JUST?’ Young lady, don’t…… Continue reading Believing The Lie of “I’m Just…”

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When You’re Addicted to Pixels

Put down the screen, and open up those eyes, Cause a camera can’t capture the brevity of time. Pictures tell a story, but experience creates a mem’ry, Videos are re-watchable, but being present changes me. I’ve missed so many moments, lost so many chances, Seeing glimpses of surroundings through occasional upward glances. Intimacy is vanishing, communication– superficial…… Continue reading When You’re Addicted to Pixels