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//Breathe and breathe deep,
Give yourself some grace.
Let the weights fall from your shoulders,
Lift up your face.
You don’t have to keep this all up.
You can breathe now.

Because striving and competing will only leave you dry,
Arrival is just a scam and perfection is a lie.
It’s a god that’s always hungry,
a drive that will not cease,
a pursuit to keep you wrapped in fear,
and hijack all your peace.
You don’t have to “be enough”
You can breathe now.

Sink and sink deep,
Into a love that holds you tight;
It won’t ask you to run or become,
But to simply give up your fight.
Your fight to please, protect and prove
And hope they’re keeping score.
You can lay the striving down now,
It doesn’t matter anymore.
You don’t have to prove your worth.
You can breathe now.

Breathe in and breathe again,
Give yourself a break.
You can admit your need for reinforcement,
And He will give you grace.
Run to the Constant One,
When your heart is feeling beat,
He’ll wrap you up and say, “Enough,
My Child, come and take a seat.”
You don’t have to keep this all up,
You can breathe now.//

**This post is a part of a weekly link up called Five Minute Friday. Every Friday, there is a Word prompt in which you have five minutes to write about. If you would like to join the party, hope on over to Kate Motaung’s blog! Happy writing!**


12 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. This. So much this. Especially the second stanza, so much truth to which I can relate. Found you through FMF and I must say I love your blog title! I’ll definitely be back ~~Andréa

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