When You Ignore the Margins in Your Life

//Does this overwhelm you like it does me? I can’t read this.
My OCD is freaking out a little bit because there is WRITING, WORDS and ACTIVITY going on in the margins. Margins aren’t meant for that!
Margins are the spaces that allow my eyes to rest and recoup a little bit before I start reading the next line. Reading this is just exhausting…

You know what else is exhausting? When we  live our lives in the exact same way– ignoring margins that allow us the space to rest, recoup and prepare for the work that is ahead.

For me, weekends are my margins.
Those are my days to relax, unwind and rest.
Monday through Friday is filled with all sorts of things and by the time Friday afternoon comes—I’m ready to CHILL OUT. Maybe your weekends aren’t the typical Saturday/Sunday, maybe they are another day of the week. Nevertheless, it is important that we find time in our schedules to    b r e a t h e.

When we do not acknowledge rest and choose to overwork ourselves and push past those margins, we end up burning out and running dry. Really dry. It’s almost as if we are vehicles and rest is our fuel. We need that time to fill up so that we can go, go, go. Our bodies are designed for rest. They crave rest because they need it.

Heck, God even rested and said it was GOOD! (Genesis 2:2)

I don’t know about you, but I sort of suck at prioritizing rest in my everyday life. There are some days where I feel like resting can be seen as laziness. However, looking at rest in the light of margins, I am able to see that a life lived without margins is actually super unhealthy, cluttered and blurry.

Do you struggle with resting? Are you abiding by the margins in your life? Or do you find yourself constantly running over them with busyness?//

This post is Day 20 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.


5 thoughts on “When You Ignore the Margins in Your Life

  1. Oh girl. I feel you!
    We have to learn how to rest. Resting will clear our minds! Praying for you. I know this days can be overwhelming but I know that at the end the outcome will be so worth it.


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