Write 31 Days

Dare to Move {{Day 15}}

//Fear is like a drug.
A drug that causes you to lose reality of what is actually right in front of you.
The quiet whispers of “what if”sways you still until you’re submerged in a potential reality that may or may not ever exist.
Fear blurs your vision, stops your body from activity, creeps into to every fiber of your being and paralyzes you; lulls you into a state of comatose.

Fear stops movement.

Fear speaks of the dangers, reminds you of regret, throws tantrums demanding comfort, and confines your existence to a small little box with walls that promise protection but result in isolation. Those who become box dwellers know fear becomes a god, and the outside world becomes a threat. One’s purpose becomes safety and comfort and security.

Because fear stops movement.

So what do we do when we’re staring down the barrel of fear? Fighting to keep reality, faith, and hope in mind all the while listening to fear bark threats and lies? What do we do when paralysis has slowly started to take over and we are trembling at the thought of making any motion forward? What do we do?

Dare to move.

Utter rebellion to fear is to move when it says be still. To speak up when it says be quiet. To  try when it says you’ll fail.

When we choose to move in the face of fear, its voice loses a little power. When we start walking, fear starts whimpering. And when we start running, even if all odds are against us, fear loses its voice, authority and power over us.  Because movement defies fear.

Movement defeats fear.//



This post is Day 15 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 days Challenge. 


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