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The Art of Snail Mail #FMF

Hi, Friday.
I love you.
But you know what I love even more? #FiveMinuteFridays!
I will be over at Kate Moutang’s blog for five minutes of free flow writing.
Today’s Word is mail.

\\  <– start   //  <– end

\\It was my first year in college.
I was three hours from home, in a new place, with new people, in my own place (a dorm room that is.) Yet, one of the most exciting things was: I got my very own MAILBOX! Hallelujah! I was so stinkin’ excited!

Everyday after lunch, I would pop by the post office to check my **very own** P.O. Box. However, after many weeks, I grew very discouraged to see an empty box staring right back at me… every. day.


I desperately wanted mail, ya’ll. I’m one of those people who leaps with glee when I get something just for me in the mail. And by golly, I wanted to feel like an ADULT who got mail!
So, I took matters into my own hands.
Maybe I could call some folks and tell them to send me stuff?
*too needy*
Maybe I could look through the trash for unwanted magazines?
*too desperate…and gross*
Then, it dawned on me.
I hopped onto my computer and signed up for… that’s right:

15 free magazine subscriptions from random places on the Internet.

Days later my mailbox was LOADED with all kinds of stuff.!
That I…. never read.
But atleast I had the illusion that someone was thinking of me and sending me mail…right? 🙂  //

All of this to say, there is something so special about ‘snail mail’. Emails, texts and Facebook messages are great, but there is something unique about receiving a letter that someone took the time to hand write, address to your location, lick it shut with gross spit, and send it off just so you could open it and smile. It’s a lost art in this day and age and I think we should change that.

Think about someone you know who could really use some ‘snail mail’. Maybe it’s that college student who just moved away to a new town (for the love, send the poor, lonely kid a card!), or even that mom who you’ve seen around at church that looks like she could use some friendly encouragement. I don’t know—be creative! Make someone’s day with some good ole mail!

Don’t make them consider digging through the trash to find some literary companionship…. 🙂

**P.S. I can’t forget to mention my mom who did send me care packages to keep me emotionally sane those first few weeks of college. Thanks Mom!**










This post is day 14 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.


5 thoughts on “The Art of Snail Mail #FMF

  1. Love this and we are on the same page. Handwriting is becoming a lost art. So sad. I keep it alive by handwriting out cards to friends and relatives occasionally throughout the year. I love e-mail and messaging, but there is that personality of handwriting that cannot go through cyberspace.
    Thanks for posting.
    Your neighbor on fmf.#48


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