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To Be Aware, is to Be All There

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//Whoa. It’s already fall.
Where did this year go?
I look back on this year, and it seems like it was such a whirlwind between furiously trying to figure out a career before I graduated college in May, to deciding to take a job in our hometown, graduating college, moving, settling in, and jumping right into new jobs, new people and new purpose. I feel that this year I’ve had a long checklist and my eyes have been on the next “big thing” and now it’s finally still.

I become aware that the leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and I feel this tug on my heart to take my eyes off of that checklist and start really living; to start getting my hands dirty in the “now” that God has called me to.

But all the time I am tempted to revert back to this checklist of things to do, dreams to be fulfilled and future ordeals I have no control of. As I dwell on and freak out over what I’m going to do in the coming years, I feel less and less aware of what God is doing in the right now. I’m unable to see the work He’s doing, opportunities He’s giving, people He is providing. I forget that I can’t jump from step A to step Q .

It’s the time in between that counts the most.

b  r  e  a  t  h  e.

It is good to engage. It is good to absorb all that is in this moment. To hug it and wrap it up. Savor it.

Because staying aware of what God is doing in the right now gives me hope that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. \\

This post is Day 13 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.


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