Write 31 Days

Day 6 {{You}}

y o u.
You are the one I have thought about for a long time.
Dreaming, anticipating, wondering and of course, wallowing in frustration:
“When will he be here?! How will I know?”
You were in the back of my mind with each passing year:
“How much closer until I meet him?”
You are the one I thought about in every heart break:
“I just want the one who is right for me.”

You are the one I prayed for, cried over, waited for and talked about for years.
And  you’re here now.

I prayed that God’s provision of you would reflect the deep truth that God knows me.
And He is faithful.
He knew who I needed, wanted, would delight in and thrive with.
He knew what He was doing all of this time in all of those wonky seasons.
You are the one that I love, desire and enjoy.
You push me, you lead me, you encourage me; you create the atmosphere to just be yourself.

You inspire the world to be bold, live fervently, and to ignite your God-given place & space with passion and purpose.
You are the best teammate.
You are the greatest friend.
And you are mine.

It’s always you.
It’ll always be you.


This post is Day 6 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Interested in joining? It’s not too late to hop on the band wagon!


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