Write 31 Days

Day 2 {{Paint}}

Day #2 of Write 31 Days!
Today’s word is: paint


Surrender, surrender,
My dreams, all these plans
Take all my ambitions
Right out of my hands
A mess I have made,
With this brush in my fist
Gripping’t so tightly
My will– I insist
This job as an artist
To design my own life
Is exhausting, frustrating
Full of unending strife
But I’m ready to sit down
And give you control
My life- Your masterpiece
To Your name’s extol
So paint on this canvas,
My life you in your hands
Use all the colors,
Be as creative as you can

——–> Stop



3 thoughts on “Day 2 {{Paint}}

  1. Beautiful! Love your second post
    I have a question girl. I’m trying to post mine but I’m having trouble because I do not have clue how to add my post to my 31 days of writing page. If you could help me will be very helpful. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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