Gardening Your Heart


Have you ever been stumped by the term, “guard your heart?”

I sure have.

Even though the Bible talks about it, I’ve misinterpreted what it meant for a long time. Instead of being cautious about the things I allowed my heart to absorb, I built up massive, impenetrable walls no one would ever be able to enter.

They don’t call it guarding your heart for nothin’, right?

My attempts to “protect” my heart ended up affecting my relationships, my ability to connect with people, and even the way I trusted others. One day, God revealed to me that guarding my heart was less about building forts, and more about gardening.

I’ll be writing over at Kelly Basham’s place today for her series on Proverbs and Guarding Your Heart. Click the link below to read more!

Oh! And while you’re there, check her blog out! You’ll love it!


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